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The "Tactical Insider" Line by SAWMAN
Craig “SAWMAN” Sawyer carries an extensive tactical body of experience in the Marines, Navy SEAL Teams, DEVGRU, Federal Law Enforcement, High-Threat Protection and Counter-Poaching operations. His company, Tactical Insider, trains military, law enforcement and citizens in vital tactical skill sets.
Tactical Insider’s “Crusader” logo represents all who dare to take direct action against violent aggressors.
Craig also co-founded the International Coalition Against Poaching (ICAP) to protect the last of the endangered animals in Africa from greedy international poachers. ICAP’s mission employs veterans to defend a species from extinction and to disrupt the funding of global terror through endangered species poaching revenue.
This is the kit SAWMAN and his team prefer over all others on the market. We trust you’ll appreciate it just as much.
Welcome to the Crusade!
-Craig "SAWMAN" Sawyer