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5-stars.jpg Just got my Defender today for a Glock 19. First holster I can wear OWB, and not print. The draw is smooth, and reholstering is a breeze. Great job, will definitely be getting one for my Glock 17. Ya know, so she doesn't feel left out.
-Jordan Smith


5-stars.jpg Love my new L.A.G. Holster, offers both Open, or Concealed options with a comfortable snug light weight design.
-Tyler Callaway


5-stars.jpg Every time I need help with my holster, Tiffany goes ABOVE & Beyond customer service!! Thanks for not only making a great quality Holster but for having Amazing customer service!!! I will be a forever customer!! Thanks again.
-Kari Conway

5-stars.jpg Got my first L.A.G holster this morning the most comfortable Kydex IWB holster I've used!
-Ed Maxwell

5-stars.jpg Best holsters on the market, at a great price. Their customer service is excellent as well.
-Tyler Norona

5-stars.jpg Picked up a VP9 two days ago, was kinda bummed that I couldn't find a holster for it at the shop I was in. Drove down the road to a separate shop and was shown a L.A.G. tactical selection. Not only did they have it exactly for my VP9 but it fits like a damn tie on a politician, perfectly! I'd highly recommend these holsters to anyone, pay the price and get quality.
-Tyler Bocook

5-stars.jpg From opening the container, through assembly and the first couple of uses, this thing has been a winner. Running a more obscure setup, finding a holster that actually fits and still retains has been difficult, to say the least. This one not only fits and retains, but is ridiculously comfortable AND accessible in both IWB and OWB configurations. With the addition of the MOLLE plates, it transitions for use with my belt or PC in under five minutes (keep that driver handy if you want to make a quick switch).
flawless function, great fit and still very robust, all at an outstanding value.
5 Stars, of course.

5-stars.jpg First Class Operation:  After a good bit of research online and talking with friends in the firearms industry, I decided to give L.A.G. Tactical a try for a pancake style Kydex holster with Molle attachments.  I will be running this holster on a harness.  I placed my holster and under the notes section I asked for a slight rearward cant.  The next day a young man named Hunter gave me a call.  He wanted to touch base to clarify how the holster would be used and make sure they built this holster correctly for me.  Hunter was very friendly and was genuinely interested in making sure they took care of me.  He told me they would get the holster out as soon as they could, as they had not built one with this cant before.  Less than two weeks later the holster arrived.  I was very impressed.  The Kydex was not too thin, of excellent quality and the workmanship was top rate!  It easily attached to my harness and worked perfect.  I have happily recommended LAG Tactical since then to all my buddies searching for a top quality Kydex holster.  If you are in the market for a new Kydex holster, you should give these guys serious consideration.  Very fair price, fast turn around, great customer service and top notch holsters.  Can't beat that combination!  Give them a try, you will not regret it.
-Jay Smith, Berryville, Arkansas

5-stars.jpg I've been an active law enforcement officer for the past 8 years in the Reno area. Since then, I have tried numerous holsters on the market for my off-duty carry. I have never found a holster that lived up to my safety specifications to carry a weapon while off the clock. I carry a rail light on all my off duty weapons and finding an off duty holster to support that can be very challenging to say the least. When I found L.A.G. Tactical’s Holsters, I was very pleased with the durability of the holster itself. The retention was simply the main feature that drew me to this product. Reasonably priced and quick turnaround time is what sealed the deal for me getting all my holsters from L.A.G. Tactical from this day forward.
-Bryan, Reno, Nevada

5-stars.jpg A friend and I had a couple of new pistols to take out to the desert, and at the last minute we decided to pick up a holster for one of them.  We stopped at a LGS in Minden, NV and picked up a Defender by L.A.G. Tactical.  Boy, were we impressed.

5-stars.jpg I was so impressed that I ordered one for my Kimber as soon as I got home.  True to their word, L.A.G. shipped the holster to my house in under two weeks (excellent).  The first thing I did was check retention - it looks like someone took the time to pre-adjust it for me, because it was perfect out of the package.

5-stars.jpg The molding is very well done with no overkill on detail - something that has made holstering a pain on a couple of other brands I have.  The hardware is quality, and the curve of the holster conformed to my 3 o'clock just as I had requested.  The belt clips are very easy to use (I only use it for IWB).  After playing around with different clip positions, I found one that was very comfortable and settled on it.

Pros:  Very thin, light and comfortable.  Carries well on a good belt and the holster is very easy to put on and remove.  Stays on the belt, so far, for a couple of hundred draws.  Fast shipping time is number one here - keep that up, and you will retain loyal customers for a long time.

Cons:  Not many.  The clip screws will loosen up, but the sheet that came with the holster states this very clearly and also recommends adding Loctite to the screw threads to correct this possible issue.  Not really a problem for me after the Loctite."

I have been giving my new holster a good amount of wear this week and I am in love with it. Being in law enforcement for the last 7 years, I have a box full of holsters I have tried and this is my favorite by far!!!
-Active Law Enforcement

5-stars.jpg And I would like to say thank you. What will keep me coming back to L.A.G. Is your willingness and devotion to work with the customer one on one. Offering quality custom holsters backed with amazing customer service will keep me coming back for my holster needs.

As a female shooter, I often have difficulty finding holsters that I can wear comfortably. The Defender is hands down my new favorite range holster and it fits my curves so comfortably, I can wear it all day and don't end up with bruises like all the others I've used! It fits my Glock 17 perfectly and drawing and re-holstering is fast and easy. I've also finally found a comfortable daily concealment holster in the MBB Appendix rig. Thank you, L.A.G. for listening to my needs and making such an outstanding product!

5-stars.jpg ...a few months ago I ordered a light bearing holster with the surefire x300. I absolutely love it. I would like to order another one...
-Active Duty Military

5-stars.jpg .... my impressions so far are excellent. I've mainly just worn it around the house but I can see it easily replacing my usual leather. Great handiwork and superb design. I'm very happy with the setup and the different options I have with moving the belt clips. I'll happily recommend L.A.G. Tactical to all my gun totin' friends!

5-stars.jpg Thanks for the email, means a lot to have someone put this much care into their product.

5-stars.jpg Purchased this holster (Defender) for my Kimber. Excellent quality, comfortable to wear... and, fits my Kimber "like a glove." Thank you for the superior service and fast turn around.

5-stars.jpg I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Holster, it is amazing and looks exactly how I wanted it to look. My firearm fits exactly how I want it to and it's extremely comfortable to sit with as well as walk around with. I can't thank you enough for making it.