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The Krieger - Appendix Carry Holster V2

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The German translation for Krieger is warrior and brave, also, mad scientist... There is perhaps no better way to describe how Todd Green handled his cancer battle. ToddG was a big reason we started to develop an AIWB holster, and had a major impact on many thousands of shooters through his work in the industry. Ten years ago his fight against cancer began and fight he did. Not only did Todd fight, but he continued to teach and spread his knowledge to shooters around the world through his example and the knowledge and conversations held on his site On March 15, 2016, Todd’s fight ended at the young age of 45. Though the world is diminished with his passing, in his absence the battle continues in his honor with his charity Rampage For The Cure! 

More than just another "taco" style IWB holster billed as being suitable for Appendix Inside the Waistband carry, the Krieger is the result of years of trial and error and experimentation; with the goal of developing a comfortable, concealable, and above all functional AIWB holster. The Krieger features a slim footprint, a taller sweatguard to cover rear sights, a flared front edge to aid in reholstering, and most importantly a spacer/tongue/belt clip set up that, when used in conjunction with a stiff, quality gun belt, helps to tuck the grip of the gun into the user's side. This tuck helps to aid in concealing guns with larger grips. A foam wedge is also available as an accessory; this wedge will add a bit of padding to the bottom of the holster, help to push the muzzle of the gun out (resulting in the top of the holster being pushed into the user) and adds a bit more tuck. The Krieger was designed to be user configurable as well. The foam wedge is attached via velcro strips and is therefore removeable, as is the tongue and spacer setup. Removing these items from the holster will result in a more traditional "taco" style holster that would be well suited to strong side IWB carry. Every Krieger is hand crafted in our facility in Reno, NV and is covered by our same lifetime warranty: If you break it or have any issues with it, we will take care of you. 



- Unique belt clip setup that aids in concealment

- Belt clip fits 1.5" or 1.75" belts

- Adjustable for ride height and cant

- "Claw" attachment helps tuck grip inwards, towards the body

- Tall sweatguard that covers rear sight

- Flared front edge

- Polished edges

- Foam wedges available to aid in comfort and make the holster more concealable

- User configurable from AIWB to IWB setup

Warranty Information

All of our products are backed with a lifetime warranty. If you break the holster or a belt loop, we will repair or replace them as soon as possible at no charge to you.

If you have purchased one of our products and it does not meet or exceed your expectations, please contact us. We will make changes to the product, remake the product or issue you a full refund. We are committed to no less than 100% customer satisfaction.

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  1. Nice Holster

    Posted by AbH on 19th Jun 2017

    Nice AIWB holster, draws and reholsters smoothly while retaining perfect retention, I believe this is due to the design and shape of the retention indent along with the flared edge. The quality is nice with smooth edges all around fits my Glock19 like a glove with absolutely no wiggle ,rattle or shifting whatsoever.
    the "claw" design they used helps my pistol disappear in shorts and a t-shirt , but it(the claw) did make a creaking noise similar to the sounds of wearing a new leather holster. I cut a small piece of adhesive loop and folded it over the L shaped TUCK "claw"where it contacts the inside of my pants and the noise has disappeared. Still, the best AIWB holster I've found.

  2. Best one so far

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jun 2017

    This is my 4th and favorite holster for my p320 so far. I own the liberator and some other gear from LAG and like all their kydex it's high end and finished nicely with a lot of attention to detail. Beveled edges and no extra material. The kreiger has a strong solid cant-able clip and the concealment tab, claw, lever whatever the hell they're calling it does its job and pushes on my belt to hide the grip really well. Makes concealing a double stack 9 easy in light clothes in south Florida. Great purchase and amazing lead time! Keep up the good work LAG!

  3. Terrific Everyday Holsters

    Posted by DN on 21st Oct 2016

    I work in a tactical surveillance unit in an undercover capacity. Most of our work is vehicle based but footman work is also important. I value a holster that is all day comfortable, conceals well, retains the weapon securely, assists with quick and repeatable presentation and allows for sure one-handed re-holstering. Not a lot to ask for. I have tried holsters like Imelda Marcos tried shoes. I have gravitated towards AIWB holsters for most days. Following a recommendation from a friend I met some of the LAGT staff at the 2016 SHOT Show and they told me about the Krieger they were working on. I got one for a G17 which is not an easy gun to carry in that manner with most holsters. It looked a little strange at first and I did a couple of adjustments which were easy to do and I tell you, what a great holster! It had all the qualities I was seeking. I ended up contacting Hunter about the holster and I asked about a Krieger set up for a G19 with a Surefire XC1. He said it could be done no problem and I asked him to make one for me with an extended sweat guard for my Trijicon HD sights. I received it in short order and it is my first choice for daily carry. The holster allows me to carry a light with no concealment or comfort penalty. I did do some trimming to the belt clip to round some of the sharp edges and changed the width of the rubber washers to adjust the angle a bit. I have ordered other items from LAGT and I appreciate their attention to detail. I am really happy with these holsters and I get a lot of questions about them.

  4. Great holster, could be better

    Posted by Rick on 22nd Apr 2016

    The quality, fit, and apperance of this holster could not be better. I have tried many others and nobody makes a holster with such detail and finish.

    But I would recommend mounting the belt clip further toward the trigger guard side of the holster, so it is not centered in the middle. This would help greatly in keeping the grip of the firearm tucked in more to prevent printing. Also, I would recommend a much denser foam pad for the bottom of the holster to also help tilt the top of the holster inward and the grip inward. Than this holster would be absolute perfection for us guys with a not so perfect flat stomach!!

    But again, this is the best made, and best looking holster I have owned. The workmanship is top notch!! And the employees of this company are extremely nice and helpfull!! I already own three other L.A.G mollee holsters and they are perfect!!