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The (Side-Specific) Liberator

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An affordable holster option for the masses!

Named after the Liberator Pistols from WWII, which were designed to be simple, effective and easily produced, the Liberator holster will provide you with an affordable semi-custom holster solution for AIWB, IWB and OWB carry. Liberator holsters are available in Ambidextrous, IWB and OWB configurations. The Ambi version will allow users to switch the belt loop to either side of the holster to accomodate Inside or Outside the Waistband for both right and left handed shooters; while the IWB and OWB specific versions will provide a more streamlined and compact, yet highly effective design. Made out of sturdy 0.08" Kydex and using injection molded belt clips, these holsters are ideal for quick range trips and everyday carry.

*Due to holster design, we cannot make Liberators for certain pistol models. If your pistol is not listed above, please feel free to contact us to discuss holster options for your pistol.*



-Lightweight, durable kydex

-Simple, robust, proven design

-Flared front edges and taller sweatguards on IWB, OWB specific designs

-Ambi models are convertible from IWB to OWB

Warranty Information

All of our products are backed with a lifetime warranty. If you break the holster or a belt loop, we will repair or replace them as soon as possible at no charge to you.

If you have purchased one of our products and it does not meet or exceed your expectations, please contact us. We will make changes to the product, remake the product or issue you a full refund. We are committed to no less than 100% customer satisfaction.

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  1. Best IWB Holster in 25 years

    Posted by M. Tuttle on 14th Sep 2016

    I've carried a pistol 24/7 pretty much for the last 25 years and have never had such a great holster for pennies on the dollar as my Liberator from LAG. I went with the 1.75 belt clip to work with my instructor belt and have found the holster to stay where I put it with the ability to get a grip on my Glock 26 Gen 4 with ease. Drawing and bolstering is a breeze! Where were you when I started? Think of the money I could have Saved!

  2. Top of the list!

    Posted by Captrigo on 31st Aug 2016

    This holster fits my Glock 30S like a glove. Will be put to use on those days on the go do to quick on and off. I have multiple holsters from these folks and they are my go to holsters. Customer service is first rate.

  3. Secure and comfortable holster

    Posted by Scot M on 15th Aug 2016

    Purchased the Ambi-Liberator so I have it to go with my Defender IWB/OWB holster to have options for concealed carry. Both are great and wear one or the other every day. The Liberator is great for "quick" clipping inside pants or shorts for a trip to the store without running a belt through the Defender. Just as secure and easy to clip IWB.

  4. Outstanding

    Posted by Chris on 12th Aug 2016

    I ordered the Liberator holster and received it exactly two weeks later. Upon opening the package I was impressed with the combination of quality and simplicity. The Liberator is very light despite being made out of durable .08" Kydex, due to its "strictly business" design, and the craftsmanship is jagged edges. The first time I holstered my Glock 43, I was extremely impressed with the retention. Taking the Liberator to the range, it performed admirably both at 4 o'clock and in the appendix position, easy to draw from, and despite its small size, reholstering was perfect, every time, with a solid "click" letting me know that my G43 was secure. The IWB clip help the Liberator securely in place and is surprisingly sturdy. This holster is small enough that keeping my 43 in it and placing it in my range bag took up no additional space, which cannot be said for some other holsters out there. Overall, from my perspective, the Liberator is a fantastic option for IWB small frame carry. In situations where being discreet is necessary, and I cannot carry a full size sidearm, I fully trust the Liberator to be comfortable, concealable, and most importantly, provide the retention necessary to keep my 43 exactly where it needs to be.

  5. Quality shipped fast

    Posted by Freddy on 8th Aug 2016

    The holster is awesome. Shipping was as stated in 12 days I have three holster from lag at the moment. Why the holster did not recieve a 5 star is the holster does not protect the magazine release it's the holsters only flaw. I should of looked at the pictures closer but iam really impressed for the price and speed of shipping


    Posted by Captrigo on 28th Jul 2016

    This is my fourth or fifth holster from these folks. They are simply the best. Wore a liberator for my Glock 26 on a little get away. I had to feel for weapon on the way home being no discomfort or pressure telling me it's there. I have 20 other holsters all nice stuff, but, always come back to the liberator or defender for my CCW weapons. Great service and real people to assist you with your needs. AWSOME

  7. Just What I Needed

    Posted by Robert on 15th Jul 2016

    I picked up a Liberator Ambi for a S&W M&P Shield at my LGS and liked it so much I ordered one for a HK USPC. The reason I gave it four stars is because it moves on my belt so I only use it for practice.

  8. THE BEST!

    Posted by Steve on 14th Jul 2016

    Since finding out about these folks and their great product, I've purchase 5, three liberators and 2 defenders. My every day carry is in one of these holsters. The Liberator is quick to slip on and your on your way. Very convenient!


    Posted by Steve on 9th Jul 2016

    These holsters are built to fit your gun securely with just the right amount tension to keep it secure. I have five versions of these holsters for my CCW'S. They are my go to holsters for all occasions. Customer service is first class. And the 2 week turn around time is exceptional. These folks ROCK!

  10. Great holster!!

    Posted by Big Jim on 9th Jul 2016

    Quick turnaround time, they said it would ship in two weeks and it did. Quality holster , I purchased the liberator AIWB for my M&P Shield and I love it. Great adjustable retention,light weight,and a sturdy belt clip and very comfortable carrying. I would recommend this holster. L.AG makes a superior product. High quality and great fit!

  11. Quality Holster

    Posted by Jake on 5th Jul 2016

    LAG came highly recommend to me and I decided to give the Liberator a try for my 30s. Not only was I impressed with the turnaround time (shipped out two weeks after I placed my order) but also with the quality of their product. After a week of carrying this holster daily, I must say that it's become one of my favorite concealment holsters to date. The clip did concern me in terms of how well it would stay in place while practicing my draw. Since I'm more accustomed to a two-clip system. However after practicing my draw with the Liberator, my concerns were quickly put to rest. Thus far I haven't encountered any issues nor do I foresee any in the future.

    For a straight forward, solid holster, quick turnaround time and competitive price I won't go anywhere else from now on! Just recently ordered another one for my 43 and can't wait to put it to work.

  12. Extreme Quality

    Posted by Troy on 22nd Jun 2016

    This holster is excellent. Ordered one for my M&P Shield and love how small and low profile it is. Everything is quality and the fit and finish couldn't be better. I got the gray color which I really like. If you're on the fence, get it.

  13. Best utility holster for the money.

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jun 2016

    Are there better, more "high speed" tacticool holsters out there? Yes. But if you're looking for the best damn basic kydex holster for your money, look no further.

    -The finish is second to none, all the edges are rounded and smooth.
    -clip has really strong positive retention and there is no gap as other reviewers have commented, rides perfect and stays put.
    -retention is good out of the box but is adjustable
    -footprint is minimal and there is no extra kydex left hanging towards the muzzle like you see with other companies
    -turnaround time was super quick got my holster literally 14 days from the day I ordered it.

    if you're in the market for a high quality basic holster and you don't care about flashy prints then look no further, or don't listen to me pay 2x as much and wait 8-12 weeks with those other guys.... Your choice

  14. Nice minimalist IWB holster, one concern

    Posted by Robert Melis on 18th May 2016

    I really like this holster, the fit and finish and overall quality seem great. My one concern is that the belt clip doesn't fit tight against the side of the holster. There is a small gap, and when practicing my draw out of the holster I end up pulling the entire holster off my belt about 10% of the time. It may not be a big deal once I get more practice with it but I do feel like it would be better if the clip were "tighter" against the side of the holster.

  15. Great fit and quality, fast delivery

    Posted by Vince on 16th May 2016

    Excellent craftsmanship and quality; fits my pistol like a glove, and is very comfortable to wear. What's more, I had it within a couple of weeks, not 8-10 weeks that it took to get a similar holster from a well-known competitor. (The email order status updates were nice to receive as well) I would highly recommend L.A.G. Tactical for anyone wondering where to get your next Kydex holster.

  16. liberator g19

    Posted by Ed Maxwell on 5th May 2016

    This is my second liberator and 8th or 9th L.A.G holster, this is a great holster comfortable, secure and tough as nails. This is one of the best companies I go to, you can trust these holsters to stand up to hard use day in and day out!

  17. Review

    Posted by Alex on 13th Apr 2016

    It's pretty great if it had some type of lock on it to lock the gun in place it would be perfect but great product

  18. Amazing

    Posted by Jonathan O on 13th Apr 2016

    Like A Glove. I was worried about this holster being what i was looking for. I called and spoke of my concerns that i wanted a holster that would ride a bit higher in order for me to obtain a more positive purchase rather than the grip riding on my belt like many other holsters such as my Bladetech. I received this holster for my Glock 23 and it exceeded my expectations. This holster fits the pistol so well and is adjustable in retention. The ride height and the absolute minimal footprint also makes this a great appendix carry holster. The clip is positive, sturdy and durable as well. I hope that L.A.G makes a light compatible I.W.B holster for the Surefire XC-1 soon. All my holsters will be L.A.G from now on.

  19. Solid Holster -Glock 19

    Posted by Patrick Rangel on 4th Apr 2016

    Purchased this holster a couple weeks ago and got it in the mail when they said I would. Extremely lightweight, comfortable, and well crafted. I recommend appendix carry with it because it hides extremely well.

  20. Liberator Glock 19

    Posted by Anthony L on 15th Mar 2016

    Awesome holster and well worth the 2 week wait for it. Great materials and craftsmanship. Really impressed how they were able to wrap the kydex, even made additional bend to cover bottom of trigger guard (you don't see that on brands). my only IWB, from here on out.

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