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  • Please note that not all Warriors will appear the same. Different gun, light, and cant angle selections will affect the holster's appearance.
  • Please note that not all Warriors will appear the same. Different gun, light, and cant angle selections will affect the holster's appearance.
  • Please note that not all Warriors will appear the same. Different gun, light, and cant angle selections will affect the holster's appearance.
  • Please note that not all Warriors will appear the same. Different gun, light, and cant angle selections will affect the holster's appearance.
  • Please note that not all Warriors will appear the same. Different gun, light, and cant angle selections will affect the holster's appearance.
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The Warrior V2 - Light Compatible

LAG - 0135
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Product Description

All items are hand made to order and guaranteed to ship in 2 weeks or less.

Want your gear sooner? Email us about rush ordering options and prices BEFORE you place your order.


Our Light Bearing Pistol Holster is a custom design made to accomodate tactical lights attached to the rail of your firearm, preparing you and your sidearm for any situation, day or night! Versatility is key so this holster includes both a set of inside and outside the waistband belt loops, which makes it ideal for concealed carry or range days.

UPDATED FOR 2017 Features:

-Can be worn inside or outside the waistband; includes easily interchangeable belt loops for both configurations

-Durable, lightweight 0.08" Kydex

-Accomodates a tactical light attached to your pistol

-Adjustable retention (not available for ALL weaponlights, please feel free to ask us for details)

-Relief cuts on sides to increase comfort

-New hole pattern which is compatible with MALICE Clips, for attaching to MOLLE/PALS webbing

-New Angled belt loops to make passing your belt through the loops simpler and faster


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  1. exceeded expectations.

    Posted by Mike Flanagan on 13th Jul 2017

    I IWB carried with the defender. No complaints. I was glad to see they had a light bearing holster for my. Glock 19 with TLR1-HL. I ordered it for the purpose of IWB. But I decided I needed to drop about 5 lbs to carry a light bearing holster IWB comfortably. I decided to just take of my light and use the defender for IWB. I switched it to OWB (which was new to me) it's comfortable , and it stays put. The retention is perfect. I recommend L.A.G to anyone seeking a versatile , durable , holster.

  2. fits like a glove!

    Posted by Hairlessape80 on 2nd Jul 2017

    Searched high and low for a light bearing holster ,for my sig p320 tacops tlr1 rig , None found! Not sure why i didn't come here first since im aware of their quality work,based on my prior experience. Top notch service, stupid fast turnaround time and a tried and true quality product! Couldn't be happier,keep up the good work guys and gals!

  3. Fits like a glove!

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jun 2017

    I heard about the holster from a fellow officer. This holster accommodates my Sig P229r perfectly. Great retention and easy to "break leather" so to speak. I would recommend this holster to anyone. Matter of fact, I told my chief about it and he'll be ordering one as well.

  4. high quality holster

    Posted by Matt on 21st Jun 2017

    I received this holster in the mail just 2 days over two weeks from the day I placed the order. I rate that as a 5 star.

    Upon opening the package I was immediately impressed with the overall look and feel of the material. The edges had a smooth, clean finish and the molding of the kydex over the gun and light was exactly what I was hoping for with crisp, sharp, well defined lines. That was another 5 stars.

    I inspected closely each fastener on the front and back side for any potential deviation from what I would consider to be a high standard of quality. I was not disappointed, the black finish, the placement and the fit was exceptional. Also the belt loops were strong and positioned to give a slight angle . Again I was very pleased and gave that another 5 stars.

    I pulled my gun out of the lock box that I keep it in, it was time to see how well the gun actually fit in the holster. A quick safety inspection and Like a kid at Christmas time I held my gun in the right hand, the holster in my left and slowly pushed the gun in, listening to the sound of the materials as they came in contact with each other. Suddenly it stopped, I looked it over a bit and realized my pistol was not fully seated, a little more force and the familiar dull clap of the kydex that tells you it's now got a firm grip and locked in place. I drew the pistol and holstered it several more times, no need for adjustments, the tension was perfect. I turned the holster upside down and vigorously shook but the grip was solid, the weapon was going nowhere. I've got to admit, a smile came over my face and said to myself, "another 5 stars!

    I placed it on my belt and wore it for a short while to see how it felt. It was comfortable and held tight to my side at about the 3:30 position. It positioned my pistol about 1" lower than my other holsters which made it a bit more comfortable to grip and draw. Once again I drew and holstered several times to test the tension and as expected there was no issues and no need for tension adjustment. 5 stars!

    In conclusion I could not ask for more, it was precisely what I was looking for, well crafted and pleasing to the eye. It gives you a sense of security knowing your weapon is going nowhere when you're moving around yet it's not going to resist your grip and draw when you need it.

    I highly recommend this product to anyone who expects quality and performance. You will not be disappointed!

  5. Amazing holster, and the best customer service

    Posted by Emre on 12th May 2017

    My friend suggested me to try LAG and I wanted to give it a shot. I've never had this much satisfaction from any customer service. Hunter helped me out during my custom made order, and my endless somehow nonsense questions (since this is my very first custom made holster)
    I strongly recommend these guys, you'll be very happy with the product(s) you're getting!

  6. warrior v2 light holster

    Posted by Mike Gomez on 10th May 2017

    Thank You Lag Tactical for your quality holster. Your product is truly a one of a kind in workmanship. The short turn around time for a complete custom holster is the best customer service i have received on any online shopping i have done. Thank You all at Lag Tactical look forward to purchasing other products.

  7. amazing

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd May 2017

    I recently bought this holster for my glock 21 with a tlr1-hl flashlight on it. It is extremely comfortable and you don't even know that it has a light on it. I will buy another one of these holsters in the future.

  8. comfortable appendix carry

    Posted by Duane on 20th Apr 2017

    I had a Blade tech for appendix conceal carry, good holster just not comfortable for this type of carry. Ordered the warrior V2 and I'm loving it, comfortable and in carbon fiber looks awesome. For Glock 19 with inforce light.

  9. great holster for my g19 with tlr1 hl

    Posted by daniel on 30th Mar 2017

    I would highly recommend them if your looking at there holsters. Great quality and the fit is perfect.

  10. Just pure AWESOME SAUCE!!

    Posted by Rick on 27th Mar 2017

    L.A.G. knocks it out of the park again!! My fifth L.A.G. holster, made to perfection, fits like a glove, and looks great. You Guys ROCK!!

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