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L.A.G. Tactical custom Kydex holsters are designed to meet each individual shooter’s preference. By hand making every holster and custom tailoring them to fit each individual shooter’s unique needs, our concealed custom Kydex holsters  are 2nd to none. At L.A.G. Tactical, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality holsters to meet our customer’s unique and demanding requirements.  The phrase “good enough” has no place in our shop; our goal is perfection.

Our Kydex holsters are extremely comfortable and are designed to keep the gun close to the body, making it easy to conceal mid to full size gun in a t-shirt without printing (seeing the outline of the gun under the clothing). Our appendix carry line of holsters allow for multiple belt attachment methods, custom carry angles, ride height and adjustable retention in order to provide you with the most comfortable and versatile holster possible.