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Gun Owners Might Not Think Twice About the Safety Offered by Custom Kydex Holsters That has Adjustable Retention

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Many gun owners might not think twice about the safety offered by a custom Kydex holster that has adjustable retention. Some just might feel retention is best suited for police officers or mall security officers who get into frequent altercations with others, so they are more likely to suffer a gun dropped from their holster. But this is just part of the story.


You must first be fully aware of what retention really means. People can retain an attorney, retain water or even retain their sanity. In any of these former cases, retain means to keep in possession. Basically, retention in a holster simply means you are able to keep possession of your firearm. Now, there are any number of ways, besides a physical altercation, in which one might lose retention of their gun. That is, getting in a fight in the street isn’t the only way you might lose your gun if it isn’t properly seated in your holster. Read on.

Just because someone wears a holster, does not mean they simply sit around all day waiting for something to happen. We know plenty of firearm owners who jog, go hiking and take long bike rides on mountain trails. Think about the bumps and dips and the movements you go through when mountain biking or hiking a difficult trail. There might be an instant or two when navigating a particularly difficult section that you might lose a gun that is not completely secure in your holster. And how about the mountain biker who takes a spill, you might wind up with a helmet over there, a shoe over here and your gun way over there.

How many times do you get in and out of your car during the course of a day? Entering and exiting your car will put some pressure on your holster, and even if you don’t enter your vehicle Bo Duke style, seat belts, arm rests and drink holders still wreak havoc on holsters.

When activities and daily routines are a part of your lifestyle, it is wise you choose custom gun holsters that offers adjustable retention.