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Kydex Holsters Will Never Win Any Beauty Contests, but What Does That Matter if You Conceal Carry

Posted by Madwriter on

It is difficult for you to imagine that we advocate Kydex holsters because that is what we sell. But we assure you there is no bias here, we sell Kydex holsters because that is was we advocate. That is, we believe Kydex holsters are far superior to leather holsters. And you had better believe that we feel your next holster should be a Kydex holster. Let’s take a step back, we were way too harsh in our words about leather holsters. Now, if you are looking for a holster that looks awesome, then buy a leather one. Look, in all honesty, Kydex is not pretty, it is durable and superior to leather in every aspect, except looks. Kydex holsters will never win any beauty contests, but what does that matter if you conceal carry.


Kydex offers a superior level of retention that you quite simply will not find in a leather holster. You are able to jump, drop and roll without the risk of having your gun fall out and accidentally disengaging.

The purpose of a concealed weapon is that nobody knows you are carrying one. Leather holsters tend to squeak when you are in motion, possibly drawing unwanted attention to you. Kydex does not squeak, or make any noise for that matter, leaving you free from possible external interference.

If you wear your gun for extended periods of time, you will discover Kydex holsters to be much more comfortable than leather holsters. This is due to the lighter weight held by Kydex as well as the fact it better conforms to your body.

With the holiday season upon us, consider a Kydex holster as a gift for a family member, a friend or even for yourself. After all, you have been good all year long.