While Shopping for Your Custom Gun Holster, Consider the Following Information

While Shopping for Your Custom Gun Holster, Consider the Following Information

Posted by Madwriter on 18th Nov 2014

You don’t have to be an expert to realize the importance of an appropriate holster for you gun. After all, your holster serves as more than a mere holder for your gun as it also serves as a casing and as protection from possible mishandling. A high-quality holster is indeed a necessity. While shopping for your custom gun holster, consider the following information.


Kydex is impervious to the elements. There is not one state in our Union that doesn’t suffer from the elements. Whether it’s humidity in the southwest, rain in the Pacific West or sweat from your body in the states where summers blaze, your Kydex holster will not attract or retain water. Leather can retain water, which means when your leather holster gets wet, your gun gets wet, and when your gun gets wet, rust happens.

Let’s face a fact, your holster will get dirty. And no doubt some of you will have holsters that look as though you purposely rolled them in mud. Well, that is really nothing to worry about, no need to fret. You see, unlike leather holsters, Kydex is easily cleaned with mere soap and water. This means no more hours of labor scrubbing dirt out the the crevices of your leather holster.

If you carry your gun around all day, comfort is no doubt a top priority. A huge factor to the comfort level you experience is in the weight of the holster. Kydex is significantly lighter than its leather counterpart, leaving you with a holster that is comfortable.

If you are having a difficult time choosing what you need, feel free to give us a call as we are more than eager to help.