Inside the Waistband Holsters

Carrying a concealed weapon is a huge responsibility to undertake. L.A.G. Tactical's Kydex Inside the waistband holsters allow you to do this in total safety and comfort. Multiple options give you nearly infinite customization to meet the needs of any carry style.  We guarantee that any holster you wear from us will fit "Like a Glove."

  • Genesis MK II - Light Bearing Appendix

    Genesis MK II - Light Bearing Appendix

      Designed to be the absolute best light bearing appendix holster available, The Genesis MK II is packed with features. The claw hooks behind the belt forcing the grip of the pistol closer to your body. Combining this with the optional rubber pad...

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  • Appendix MK II Rubber wedge is not standard, but can be added as an option.

    Appendix MK II

       *** Click here for tutorial video on how to change Appendix belt attachments.       The second member of the MK 2 series is the redesigned Appendix MK II holster.  Just like the Liberator MK II series...

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