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We are proud to introduce our newest line of products: the Modular Carry System (M.C.S).

With the tooling designed in CAD and CNC machined to exacting tolerances, the New M.C.S. Accessory line is intended to be Compact, Modular, Adjustable and Rugged. With a huge range of adjustment and several mounting options, the M.C.S. Carriers can do it all. Concealed Carry, Duty Use, MOLLE Belts, Plate Carriers, Competition Belts (ELS & TekLok), Hook & Loop for VERTX type bags, safe door organizers and more.

M.C.S. Carriers can also be attached together using flexible bands to make double mag carriers, cuff/mag combos, flashlight/mag combos etc. They are also designed to “Nest” together as closely as possible for when you need to make the most out of your rig’s available real-estate.